Viewing a Property in France

The viewings
The best approach to any viewings is to keep an open mind and be flexible. Before you leave the UK we will arrange somewhere to meet for our appointment. This will either be at our offices in the centre of Haute-Savoie, in the resort where you are staying, or in the resort where our viewings will commence depending on which is the most convenient for you.
We will always accompany you to viewings. Where possible we will travel with you in your car to talk you through the areas that we are visiting and to help direct you to the next property. It also provides an opportunity to ask any questions which may arise during the course of your visit.
Many businesses based in the UK will simply make appointments for you with a number of different French estate agents. This sounds fairly straightforward in principle but it does mean that you have no opportunity to speak to the person conducting the visits before your arrival. It also means that you have to ensure that you find your way to different estate agencies in different resorts on your own and on time to keep your appointments. Often the UK arm of the business has not passed on your exact requirements to their French associates, so you do not see appropriate properties when you arrive. At Ascendant we believe that you should be able to rely on your estate agent as a trusted partner, who is there to take the headache out of buying property in France.
Depending on the number of properties to be viewed and the driving distances involved, your appointment with us could take the majority of a day or just a half day. Once we have planned your viewings we will let you know the agenda for the appointment and if you need regular breaks or have special requirements we can factor this in to our time together.
On some occasions the vendors will be present during viewings and on others we will have the keys to access the properties. It is always best to expect that someone may be home and try to avoid bringing any non-buying passengers with you.