La massage tantra

Original Property of Tantra massage

The Tantra Massage is a method developed by Andro Andreas Rothe, the founder of the first German Tantra institute (Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge, in Berlin since 1977). In an integrative way it combines well-founded Chelsea massage techniques from various schools of massage with elements from bio-energetics, yoga and sexual therapy. The use of the term Tantra refers to the ancient Indian culture within which the sexual nature of the human being was accepted and respected: the human body is considered to be the temple of the soul and is treated holistically.

During a tantra massage, the recipient, whether man, woman or couple, plays a passive role, enabling them to experience an intensive journey through their own body.

Within the setting of a tantric massage Chelsea there is a connection between deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being on one side, and the possibility of confronting tangible sexual therapy issues on the other. This occurs in a space free of shame and the pressure of expectations.

The theoretical roots go back to, among others, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen, with further inspiration coming from the work of Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

In 1982 the Californian theologian and sex researcher Dr. Joseph Kramer developed the “Taoist Erotic Massage”, creating a form of spiritual, erotic bodywork based on tantric-taoist foundations. This focussed primarily on breath and massage, and an important part of this massage bodywork was the “lingam massage” (i.e. massaging the male genitals). Working together with Annie Sprinkle, the female counterpart was developed: the “yoni massage”.

Andro Andreas Rothe founded the Tantric Massage Association in October 2004 together with the team from the Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge in Berlin, and Martina Weiser from ANANDA Massage in Cologne (the official German name of the registered association is Tantra massage-Verband e.V.). The objects of the Association are to ensure and improve the quality of tantric massage and to provide comprehensive support and representation for trained tantra masseurs (male and female) in all aspects of their professional work.

The association is working towards cooperation with scientific institutes, doctors, psychologists, natural health practitioners and other healing professions.