Adding Value to Your Property

Is Adding Value to Your Property A Good Investment

Acquiring property such as 88 Summer breeze is always an investment regardless of your purpose. Depending on your goal, you may develop the said asset or assets for personal or business functions. When it comes to overseas acquisitions, you may convert it to your very own rest house for an alternative lifestyle or develop lodging accommodation, motels, inns, or even hotels if your aim is return on your investments. All of these are contingent to your financial resources though, and in case you do decide to pursue the business aspect, always do your research first as to the feasibility of the planned undertaking. If you wish to venture into the hospitality business for example, location and ambiance is a couple of the most vital factors to consider. Somewhere that is easy to find and immediately accessible to different modes of transportation would be a great spot. For that matter, make it easy for your prospective customers to get to your place by setting aside funds for signs and road markers that can certainly create more convenience for them. Furthermore, be creative in beautifying both the interior and exterior of your estate without compromising practicality and functionality. These of course include the furniture and equipment that are necessary. Feature radiators for example, can serve as wonderful fixtures to any room as they can be focal points in addition to being able to produce heat. They come in innovative designs, and you can use the Internet to easily find different styles. Do remember that locations abroad are subject to various weather conditions, and preparing your property for that will surely add more to its value regardless if you use it for personal or business pursuits.

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Improvement for your home

Global Home Improvement Ideas
Every time you take trips to different parts of the world, especially if you live in Cebu, Philippines you will be in a unique position to discover new and interesting ways to improve your home. This is because you are sure to encounter a lot of beautiful interior and exterior designs when travelling. You can then easily incorporate these concepts in your own house. If not, such designs are most likely to spark better renovation ideas in your mind. So when you travel, do not fail to look around your surroundings. Observe and take note how certain home constructions are done, so that when you decide to use them for your residence, you can easily proceed with the work. From my experience if you are looking for a house for sale Cebu then you will certainly need to allocate some time and money to refurbishing it as most homes in Cebu are with out any particular refinements. However if you were to look for a high end condo for sale in Cebu then there is a good chance that the property will be well designed and not require further improvements.

One of the things you need to take note of when travelling to different places is the architecture of homes. If there is an arch, an overhang, a garage, or a stylish house that catches your attention, make sure you memorize how it looked. In fact, you should take a picture of it from various angles. If you got invited into a house or building and the interior decoration and arrangement there wows you, be sure to ask the owner how it was done. Again, take pictures if allowable. The goal here is to have a concrete idea of how to replicate the great home designs you have seen in your own house!

For you to get more and better home improvement ideas, try travelling to different places as much as possible. Additionally, every time you go on a vacation or business trip, be constantly aware of your surroundings and do not miss anything!


Avoid Moles by Using One of the Effective Method

Mole Removal Scars

Are you afraid of mole removal scars? Well, you are not the only one. Sometimes these scars are even uglier than the mole itself. So what is the solution of this problem? Which methods can you use to avoid scars? You will find answers on these question in this post so continue reading it.

In most cases scars are left by surgery. The question is, how ugly and visible will the scar be? It fully depend on your surgeon and the size of your mole. The bigger your mole is, the bigger the scar will be. However, natural mole removal cream does not leave scars. Of course it requires a lot of time, sometimes up to 4 weeks of everyday procedures, however, results are fantastic. Due to the fact that your mole will become dry and fall off itself, you will not see any scars on your face.

If you are ready to spend 3 week removing your skin mole, let me tell you one effective method which has helped many people to get rid of their problem. Take a garlic glove and squeeze it to get juice. Than rub one drop of garlic juice into your mole. Repeat this procedure two times each and every day to see results. This method is very simple and does not require hundreds in dollars to be invested into expensive surgery.
So, the answer to question: “How to Avoid Scars” is clear. Use natural mole removals and you will never see any of them on your skin. For more information on such remedies, click on the image on the right menu. All the best.


A Very French Massage

A Glorious Lingam happy ending Massage

It is a happy ending massage, what means that there will be a deliciously sweet orgasm at the end of the massage session. And after such a body to body massage, it will not be a simple relief, but a volcanic experience of indescribable beauty and overwhelming strength.

Performed by the London tantric massage therapist, who is as skilled in the art of tantra, as she is stunning in her looks and genuine, inborn sensuality, this experience is truly majestic. All tantric massage London sessions include lingam massage in the end, and you can have a prostate massage as well to deepen the pleasure and accentuate it even further. Lingam massage techniques are as carefully designed as the whole erotic massage moves. It is a sequence of strokes and caresses that will allow the build up of sexual energy without release, so when it finally happens its power will transcend everything experienced before.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Massage in France

Benefits of Tantric Massage

It’s not only sexual pleasure and erotic ecstasy that you will derive out of our  Tantric session. Learn about the health benefits that you can gain through this!

Usually, many people mistaken that Tantric massage in France and also Tantric massage in London can only help the recipient gain sexual healing and erotic pleasure but the truth is that there are many other health benefits that can be gained from a Tantric session. Here is a look at the health benefits you can get:

Improves and boosts the oxygen and blood circulation of your body
Helps you eliminate the bodily fatigue through total relaxation
Helps you eliminate fatigue of the mind and prevent depression
Aids you to experience utmost relaxation
Helps induce sleep
Increases your vitality
Boosts your immune system
Improves your bodily regeneration process
Helps to rectify erectile dysfunction
Helps to rectify premature ejaculation

The list of benefits can go on and on if you include what it can do for your entire state of being. The most important thing you can do to receive all these health benefits is to be open and receptive to what your masseuse will guide you through. Be bold and be communicative with your masseuse as she is the link between you and your Tantric  massage SW1 awakening. Don’t be afraid to voice your likes and dislikes as all our masseuses are ready to adapt to your preferences. This is your sexual calling! If you give yourself openly to receive Tantra, the experience you will gain is beyond whatever you have ever imagined!


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Original Property of Tantra massage

The Tantra Massage is a method developed by Andro Andreas Rothe, the founder of the first German Tantra institute (Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge, in Berlin since 1977). In an integrative way it combines well-founded Chelsea massage techniques from various schools of massage with elements from bio-energetics, yoga and sexual therapy. The use of the term Tantra refers to the ancient Indian culture within which the sexual nature of the human being was accepted and respected: the human body is considered to be the temple of the soul and is treated holistically.

During a tantra massage, the recipient, whether man, woman or couple, plays a passive role, enabling them to experience an intensive journey through their own body.

Within the setting of a tantric massage Chelsea there is a connection between deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being on one side, and the possibility of confronting tangible sexual therapy issues on the other. This occurs in a space free of shame and the pressure of expectations.

The theoretical roots go back to, among others, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen, with further inspiration coming from the work of Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

In 1982 the Californian theologian and sex researcher Dr. Joseph Kramer developed the “Taoist Erotic Massage”, creating a form of spiritual, erotic bodywork based on tantric-taoist foundations. This focussed primarily on breath and massage, and an important part of this massage bodywork was the “lingam massage” (i.e. massaging the male genitals). Working together with Annie Sprinkle, the female counterpart was developed: the “yoni massage”.

Andro Andreas Rothe founded the Tantric Massage Association in October 2004 together with the team from the Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge in Berlin, and Martina Weiser from ANANDA Massage in Cologne (the official German name of the registered association is Tantra massage-Verband e.V.). The objects of the Association are to ensure and improve the quality of tantric massage and to provide comprehensive support and representation for trained tantra masseurs (male and female) in all aspects of their professional work.

The association is working towards cooperation with scientific institutes, doctors, psychologists, natural health practitioners and other healing professions.

Guidelines to Buying Property in France


Have a close insight into the Guidelines to Buying Property in France

France, the place of old vintage wine and cheese, possesses the utmost capacity to attract you from far aloof and its splendid beauty will compel you to feel the best to rest down in this country, as long as you breathe. The Eiffel tower to the Norte dame cathedral, de Madame Tussaude museum to the Picasso museum what showcase the breathtaking creations of the legends like Pablo Picasso to Leonardo Vinci will quench the thirst of your heart for beauty forever. This utmost realm of love and romance has Scored the topmost ranking in the list of beautiful authentic places in the whole world. Ran thus the voluptuous beauty of France has made it probably the most popular and seductive tourist spots in the Entire globe. If this summer you are planning to buy a property in France then you should have got to go through Guidelines to Buying Property in France.

The utility of guidelines

Incase if you are planning to buy a property in France, at the very onset you should get acquainted with some major points what you should keep in your mind while you buy abuying property in france country in France. Basically, seeking overview of a place works as the source of guide for you, which will lead you to the correct path to travel on.

Useful tips to buy a property in France

• Buying property in France follows a very straightforward and strict registration rule book. Well the whole procedure moves forward with a couple of seating with to advocate or a professional solicitor who wants to showcase and flip over each pages of the rulebook.

• If you are not born French then you might have to learn some new vocabulary. This part is the most intriguing part since sometimes you may fail to understand all the new terms and which may cause you problems in the future. Hence, before you buckle up, first hire a translator who wants to explain each and every thing to you and make your job easier to understand what you are being told.

• If you are a working in a city then never go for a huge beautiful property which is far from the central transportation area. To reach office on time, all you need is to catch the transport sharp on time. 
So if  buying a property a property in France is your next ambition and you plan to settle down permanently in France, then do not overlook the precious rule book.

Vintage Property In France

 old french property

The Investment Benefits On The Vintage Property Of France

Inflation is struck all over the world. The prices are rising at almost pace. Ran thus the vintage property of France has become the attraction for investors. If one is looking for investing into a property in France then the property did gives guaranteed rental are to be purchased. Lease system should be the choice in search cases. When you are buying a French property you have the intention to use it as it holiday home or a residential building. But if you wish to use it as a way to churn money you have to increase the capital making it a good potential buy. The development of the property will make the property a profitable sale out of the investment on French property for rich tourists.

About the property

The property of France has approximate rental return of 3.8% -5.5%. When the property is let it is unfurnished. There are Several kinds of property for investment. The family home is therefore used for investment. This home Provides accommodation free of rent. If the capital gain is the gain Increased will not be Realised easily. This is only of understood When the property is traded. Another Possibility is When there is a move into another location where the price of property is cheap. If the property is bought for holiday home there is more benefit. You want to get return of investment in a more tangible form Because of the position.

The categories of investment in property

Holiday home 

This home Provides your friends, family and closed ones on accommodation free of rent. The value is maintained or Increased in examined case. This can therefore be used to add some supplementary income by keeping the portion of house at let.

The home for your children 

A home is at times invested for children and for the stay of relatives. The value of search home might increase later When the home is not used by anyone and you are letting it for income.

Business purposes

For the purpose of business any type of accommodation can give value. If the home is a private place with bed and breakfast table it can therefore be used. The place can be used as accommodation for an office or even a shop.

Investment reason

Some properties are bought with some specific purpose the reason might be investment Solely. The investment can be of Both types. Capital investment or on investment for a regular income. It can be used even for Both the types of investment. It is a common trend When people are doing service They buy a property. This is prevalent in the US culture. Vintage properties are Brought When there is service. After the retirement thisProperty is used for a stable and constant income in the old age. Sometimes it is the addition to the pension one Receives after retirement.

The term

The term of the property investment should always be within medium to long term. The minimum time is five years whereas the maximum term is of 10-15 years. The high purchase can be done 40% above the cost at the time of sell.

French Coastline Investments

french coastline

Why You Should Invest on Properties off the Coastline of France?

Are you looking for properties near the posh coastline or near the relaxing beaches? Then the properties off the French coastline have a lot to offer you. The French coastline Boasts of some of the outstanding beaches of the world. Whether you go for properties in the posh French Atlantic coast which offers mesmerising landscapes or Whether you go for properties off the western coastline of France, it will be a wise investment as you will not be able to resist appreciating the landscape.

Invest on property off the French coast

Do you oft-giving holiday with your family in the tourist hotspots off the French coast? Then you should invest on property off magnificent coastline of France as that will help you to optimise your cost on holiday every year. You can head towards your home off the beautiful French coast whenever you want. The booming real estate industry along the posh French coastline offers properties at affordable rates. Whether you go for a farm house or a classic French château, a duplex or a mansion, you will never have to regret for your investment. You will be able to enjoy the charm of the beaches at your own home. The properties of the coastline of France offer every basic and modern amenity.You will be able to spend a rejuvenating holiday with your family at your own house.

High re-sale value of the properties off the French coast

Are you still speculating Whether You Should Invest on the property off the mesmerising coastline of France? These properties have high re-sale value and the value is estimated to increase in the next decade. Your property in the posh coastline of France can be your greatest asset. This one time investment can yield great returns. Even if the value of property Seems to be more along the French Atlantic coast, you will get huge returns from the resale of the property.So, if you are giving a second thought about buying a property off the French coast then, you should free yourself from all the speculations and invest on the property without any hesitation.

Hotel business is extremely lucrative off the coast of France

If you are an hotelier then buying property for hotel can be a lucrative business option for you. The French coastline offers some of the best tourists’ hotspots with its golden sandy beaches and the azure ocean. Hotel business is extremely profitable as the great French coasts attract tourists from different parts of the world Throughout the year. Your one-time investment in the properties along the coastline of France can yield you great returns if you are planning to set up your business. You will be able to offer customers the modern comforts your in the lap of nature. You can therefore take a hotel property off the coast of France in lease for a few years if you are a safe player.


You can opt for properties off the French coast and enjoy the serenity of the landscape. Whether you buy property for personal use or for business, you will never have to repent for your investment

The advantages of selling a French property

selling-guide for french property

The advantages you may get while selling a property


Taxation is a Means through Which the government of a nation finances Their expenses by imposing Certain Amounts on the citizens and on corporate houses. Government utilises taxation to discourage or encourage economic decisions. While buying or selling Certain properties there are different taxation on sale of French properties. The seller and buyer Both have to pay Certain amount of tax. If you are the seller you need to clear all the outstanding taxes, but the buyers have to pay the maximum amount of tax as he is buying a property with money.
But some other costs may bring upon yourself if you are a seller. The fees of the selling agent are 5 to 10 percents DEPENDING upon the selling amount. And mostly this cost is needed to bear by the seller. The range of the agent fees depends upon the custom in a Particular area and the price is negotiable. Hence before Appointing a selling agent, you are suggested to be aware of the charges and if you are a seller you should sign in legal documents, so he can not be able to claim for more Amounts once the sale is done.
Evaluation of charges
You may need to offset the charges related to survey reports and of the charges of reconstruction as well as construction and therefore of improvements. The expenses of kitchen and bathroom renovation would not be added. You need to appoint a notary at the time of selling a French property. Only They can do the transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer party party. And if you are a seller, the relieving news for you is did you are not required to pay his fees.The buyer has to carry all the charges of his fees.
Things a seller needs to know
If the selling property is the main residence of the seller you will be excused from the capital gains tax. The rule is simple you just need to reside in did Particular property at the selling time until the initial contract is signed by the buyer and seller. After the completion of the contract if you wish you can leave did property and you can move in some other place.
But if the selling property is not the main residence of the seller at time did then he may need to pay plus values. DEPENDING upon the difference between the selling and purchasing price the current plus value for French property is now 35.5% no matter Whether he I a residents or non-residents. If the resident of France stays outside of the nation at the time of selling the property then it is required to submit residential proof at did time to escape from the higher amount of tax payable by non-EU residents. They need to Provide declaration form, from the Inland Revenue. 
There is a pardon from the costs of plus values for the first time sale of a dwelling place, if you are the seller and you have not owned your main residence Indirectly or Directly for the load four years.